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シーフード・ガンボは食べてるし、舞台になる病院は「セント・ジェイムス病院」(南部の曲で“Saint James Infirmary”という曲がある。ジャズフェスでやる予定)だ。オビに「吸血鬼より怖い・・・」とあるが、怖いのは女という話。中身ももちろん面白いが、ガンボにセント・ジェイムス病院で、もうやられた!という感じ。さすがマキャモン!

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『The Poet of Tolstoy Park』/Sonny Brewerペーパーバック: 288ページ
出版社: Ballantine Books (P); Reprint版 (2006/3/28)
ASIN: 0345476328
From Publishers Weekly
A dying man's decision to move from Idaho to Alabama becomes a quixotic spiritual journey in Brewer's ruminative, idiosyncratic first novel, based on a true story. In 1925, widowed Henry Stuart learns that he has tuberculosis and will probably be dead within a year. Stuart's initial reaction is optimistic resignation, as he regards his illness as a final philosophical journey of reconciliation, one that sends him back through the writings of his beloved Tolstoy and other literary and spiritual figures to find solace and comfort. Despite the protests of his two sons and his best friend, he decides to move to the progressive town of Fairhope, Ala. There, he begins to build a round, domed cottage where he seeks to "learn in solitude how to save myself" and earns himself the sobriquet "the poet of Tolstoy Park." The plot, such as it is, runs out of steam when Brewer makes an ill-advised decision to jump forward in time in the last chapters, but the heady blend of literary and philosophical references and some fine character writing make this a noteworthy debut.
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