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Amazonから、待ちかねていた本が届いた。Cormac McCarthyの『The Road』と『The Sunset Limited』。しかし『The Rord』は読んではダメ!なぜなら初版本だから。




〓〓〓 BOOK


『The Road』/Cormac McCarthy (著) ¥2.598
ハードカバー: 241ページ
出版社: Alfred a Knopf (2006/9/26)
ISBN-13: 978-0307265432
ASIN: 0307265439
From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. Violence, in McCarthy's postapocalyptic tour de force, has been visited worldwide in the form of a "long shear of light and then a series of low concussions" that leaves cities and forests burned, birds and fish dead and the earth shrouded in gray clouds of ash. In this landscape, an unnamed man and his young son journey down a road to get to the sea. (The man's wife, who gave birth to the boy after calamity struck, has killed herself.) They carry blankets and scavenged food in a shopping cart, and the man is armed with a revolver loaded with his last two bullets. Beyond the ever-present possibility of starvation lies the threat of roving bands of cannibalistic thugs. The man assures the boy that the two of them are "good guys," but from the way his father treats other stray survivors the boy sees that his father has turned into an amoral survivalist, tenuously attached to the morality of the past by his fierce love for his son. McCarthy establishes himself here as the closest thing in American literature to an Old Testament prophet, trolling the blackest registers of human emotion to create a haunting and grim novel about civilization's slow death after the power goes out. 250,000 announced first printing; BOMC main selection.(Oct.)
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『The Sunset Limited (Vintage International Original)』/Cormac McCarthy (著) ¥1,510  
ペーパーバック: 143ページ
出版社: Vintage Books (2006/10/24)
ISBN-13: 978-0307278364
ASIN: 0307278360

(★Amazonギフト券 -¥3,530)

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Amazonから、待ちかねていた本が届いた。Cormac McCarthyの『The Road』と『The Sunset Limited』。

しかし『The Rord』は読んではダメ!なぜなら初版本だから。買うのが遅れたので、もしかしたら初版じゃないかもしれないと不安だったのだが、マッカーシーはそうそう売れている作家ではないから、ちゃんと初版が届いた。


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